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The 2023-24 season has concluded.

Thank you for your visit!

Ski Lift Price List

Lift tickets can be purchased at the Kayaba Slope Station next to Hotel Alpenblick's reception.

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[About IC card return location]

Kayaba ticket office, ski resort office, Hotel Alpenblick, day trip hot spring spa

Special lift fare
for website visitors only

​Group 5

​Great ticket for 5 adults

5 adults

19,500 yen

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​Group 10

​Great ticket for 10 adults

10 adults

36,000 yen

ALPEN BLICK Snow Resort.png

[About using web-only coupons]
●How to use: Present the above information at the ticket office (smartphone screen OK)

●Exchange location: ticket office, ski resort office

●Valid only for 2023-2024 season
●No refunds after issuance

●Amount includes tax

Ski slope guide

A wide range of people can enjoy safe and comfortable gliding on the wide slopes of the top level in Japan, which makes the best use of the characteristics of the large foot of Mt. Myoko.
A cruise with a total length of 4km is also attractive, from a medium slope full of speed to a gentle slope in a forest that leaves calm.
Refresh your body and soul with an open atmosphere overlooking Lake Nojiri with Mt. Myoko in the background.
The wide slopes are surprisingly few accidents while sliding,Even small children and the elderly can enjoy gliding with peace of mind.

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By BSN Niigata Broadcasting “Sora Navi”Aerial footage taken by drone

here​ You can view it from here.

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Kids garden

Business days: Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Price: 500 yen (Free for children under 3 years old)

Lots of snow items!

A snow park that sells multiple lines.

It can be enjoyed on a variety of lines, from beginners to advanced.

The layout allows you to enjoy both powder and compacted snow with the abundant amount of snow that can only be found in areas with heavy snowfall.

A kids garden spreads out at the bottom of the Alpenblick 1st pair lift platform. In a safe area surrounded by net on all sides,There are lots of smiles from kids and families. You can easily move to the top using the moving belt, and sledding is also available free of charge, so please make use of the kids garden on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

Ski Lift Price List

Various events and schools are held at our ski resort!

​Please check the event calendar and come visit us.

1st and 3rd Sunday of the month "Ski Children's Day": Elementary school children get free lift fees!

​January 7th (Sunday)"Gift sake"

January 8th (Monday) “Coming of Age Day”: Free lift tickets for new 18 and 20 year olds

​February 14th (Wednesday) Valentine's Day:Pair of lift tickets for 1 day 5,000 yen each

​March 23rd (Sat) - March 31st (Sun): Final Thanksgiving

Ski Lift Price List

From beginners to advanced, we are constantly holding classes tailored to the level of our customers.

​ If you are considering a school, please contact the official website of the school you are interested in or the phone number below.

Myoko Snow Academy certified by the All Japan Ski Federation

“Myoko Snow Academy certified by the All Japan Ski Federation” MYOKO SNOW ACADEMY (MSA)

From beginners who are putting on skis for the first time to advanced skiers, you can learn from the basics.

Official website TEL: 0255-78-7969


Myoko Snow Academy Principal

Honda National Demonstrator


StrangeHigh Snow Academy Chief

Sakai Former National Demonstrator

All Japan Ski Federation
Myoko Kogen Bambi Ski School

From beginners who are putting on skis for the first time to advanced skiers, you can learn from the basics.

Official website TEL: 0255-86-3363

Japan Professional Ski Teachers Association
Myoko Pro Ski School

This is a full-fledged lesson tailored to your technical level.

Official website TEL: 0255-86-4449

Officially recognized by Japan Snowboard Association
Myoko Kogen Snowboarding School

From beginners to advanced snowboarders who are wearing snowboards for the first time,

We will respond to your request.

Official website TEL: 0255-86-4839

Ski Lift Price List


KAYABA rental shop

Contact us TEL: 0255-86-3900

Kayaba rental shop located between Kayaba slope parking lot, capsule pair lift platform and ticket office. It was completely re-opened last season while maintaining its convenient location! The latest model skis, snowboards, and boots are lined up. The high quality is guaranteed, and having clean, well-tuned tools not only feels good, but also improves your skills. You'll definitely find cute and cool wear!


Alpenblick Rental Shop

Contact us TEL: 0255-86-3700

The hotel rental shop also reopened last season! This location has been relocated to a convenient and easy-to-understand location next to the hotel's main entrance.. Like Kayaba Rental Shop, this shop also has the latest models of boards and boots, as well as cute and cool clothing. We also perform tune-up and other maintenance on a daily basis. It is open to everyone, including not only those staying at Hotel Alpenblick but also day-trippers.Please feel free to use it.

*Rental of small items may be canceled due to hygiene issues, infectious diseases, deterioration of sensitive skin, etc.

   Renting items that come in direct contact with the skinis not available. Thank you for your understanding.

Various traffic information

​You can check from the link below.

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