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 Mountains, but seafood

- Alcoholic drink -


We have a variety of alcohol available.

Our store and the Alpenbrick Hotel are the only places where you can drink draft beer produced by our own factory, Myoko Kogen Alpenbrick Beer.



-Fresh fish-

Sashimi Tairyomori (2 servings)

We are proud of our fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan.

​Please also check out our ``recommended menu'' that changes daily.


- Set meal -

[Summer Limited Edition] Tempura Zaru Soba and Haneuma Rice Sashimi Set

​ Satisfied with both cost performance and volume based on zaru soba

We have lunch sets, meat, sashimi, tempura, curry, and various set meals.

SP_one dish.png


Fried young chicken

Seafood salad

Green onion, roast pork and bamboo shoots

- A la carte -

As a snack for drinks. As a side dish to rice.

​ Enjoy our signature a la carte dishes.


Tempura and Zaru Soba

Japanese Soy Sauce Ramen


Bukkake udon

​Myoko soba, Shinshu hot soba, Sanuki udon, ramen.

​Enjoy our carefully selected noodles.


Alpen Brick Spa 1F

TEL:0255-86-5130 (Alpen Brick Spa day trip hot spring)

[Business hours] 11:00-23:00 (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
​Last meal order 22:00 / Last drink order 22:30
However, depending on the customer's situation, we may close at 10pm.

*During the ski season, 15:00-23:30 (no regular holidays)
​Last meal order 22:30 / Last drink order 23:00

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