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Myoko Plateau
​ Alpenblick beer

Foaming that is as fine as silk and strong. The savory taste of malt that spreads in your mouth.
We carefully created a rich, yet refreshing, deep taste and throat.
Using natural water from the deep snow of Myoko Kogen, it is brewed at the local beer factory "Tatrakan".


Myoko’s blessings of nature

Uses natural water from Myoko Kogen.
Mt. Myoko, which is located in the Myoko Togakushi Mountains National Park, is rich in nature,
The clear water nurtured by the magnificent forest that spreads there
Breathing the breath of nature into beer.

Techniques of Europe's No.1 Meister

A long-established brewery founded in 1499 in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.
Mr. Macheska, the brewer at “U Fleků”, said:
Known as Europe's No. 1 beer brewer (meister).
In 1997, under the guidance of Mr. Macheska, the best techniques in Europe were poured into beer.


Selected raw materials

Including "Pilsner malt" which is the raw material of Pilsner beer,
Malt and hops such as roasted malt of dark lager
All products are made from high quality raw materials from Europe.
Myoko water, European techniques, and commitment
The ingredients brew delicious beer.


Since brewing began in 1997, we have further refined the traditional techniques inherited.
We make delicious beer that everyone will enjoy.

Standard products

It is a gem that has been refined to the traditional taste.

A beer born in 1997 from the idea of "special products in Myoko Kogen".

Unfiltered beer brewed with natural water from Myoko, which is deep in the snow, has a rich aroma and umami, and is characterized by a refreshing and smooth feel.

Please enjoy the drinkable beer that you will want to drink every day.

Pilsner radar chart.png

Orthodox PyuAgold



Bottom fermentationBeer

All malts and hops, including Pilsner malt, the raw material for Pilsner beer, and roasted malt for dark lager, are sourced from Europe. Myoko water, European techniques, and carefully selected ingredients create delicious beer.

Alc 5%|EBC 4|IBU 20

Weizen radar chart.png

Traditional taste of southern Germany



Top fermentationBeer

One of the beers enjoyed mainly in southern Germany, it is a cloudy, pale top-fermented beer brewed using two types of malt: barley and wheat malt.It is characterized by the aroma and acidity of weizen yeast.

Alc 5%|EBC 6|IBU 3

Dark lager radar chart.png

Rich harmony played by 4 types of malts

dark lager


Bottom fermentationBeer

A dark beer made with plenty of high-quality roasted malt.It is characterized by a rich flavor created by four types of malt: black, caramel, Munich, and pilsner.

Alc 5%|EBC 69|IBU 17

Top fermentation…Using top fermentation yeast, 15 to 20A method of fermentation at a relatively high fermentation temperature of ℃.

As fermentation progresses, yeast will rise to the top of the wort.

Bottom fermentation… bottom fermentation yeast is used, the fermentation temperature is low at 8 to 12 degrees Celsius, and the wine is stored at low temperatures and aged slowly.

It is brewed using yeast that settles to the bottom of the tank as fermentation progresses.

Limited quantity brewed products

Pursuing technological improvementnew challenge

※Limited brewed products may not be sold.

We manufacture beer produced by improving technology and passion of the makers by limited quantity brewing.

The beer that you can only meet at that time is also a special taste.


“It’s delicious! 'IPA

Haneuma IPA


Top fermentationBeer

Citra hop has a refreshing citrus aroma and a rich flavor and bitterness.It's an easy-drinking drink that doesn't make you feel the high alcohol content, so you'll want to have another drink.

Alc 6%|EBC 20|IBU 40

Haneuma IPA radar chart.png
Pale ale radar chart.png


pale ale


Top fermentationBeer

A pleasant pale ale with the aroma of cascade hops and a rich bitterness.

Depending on the season, we use fresh hops from Myoko.

Alc 5%|EBC 16|IBU 25

Golden Ale radar chart.png

luxury golden balance

golden ale


Top fermentationBeer

An easy-to-drink ale beer with a rich malt flavor and well-balanced hop bitterness.

It also goes very well with food.

Alc 5%|EBC 14|IBU 25

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