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With Mt. Myoko in the background and Lake Nojiri in the background, we have prepared a variety of trails that take advantage of the spectacular view and terrain.
Enjoy the flow trails and technical sections through the woods, as well as the mountain cart that beginners and children alike can enjoy with ease.


The 2024 season is scheduled to run from Saturday, April 27 to Sunday, October 27, from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM, excluding Thursdays and Fridays when we are closed.

Rental Bikes

We have a variety of sizes so that anyone can experience a real MTB.

Transport vehicle operation hours

Customers will be transported to the trailhead by minibus and motorcycles in a truck. We operate in an air-conditioned minibus and two trucks every 30 minutes between 9:00AM - 11:30AM and 1:00PM - 4:00PM.

Mountain Cart

With a low centre of gravity, wide wheels and easy-to-use handlebars, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from adults to children. This MTB park boasts an ultra-wide, dedicated trail where you can enjoy a 1,000m long downhill trail with a maximum gradient of 18 degrees, without the risk of coming into contact with MTBs. ⚠Only those over 130cm tall and weighing less than 110kg are allowed to use the park.


To allow you to enjoy a full-scale downhill trail safely and securely.

Mutual discounts at affiliated facilities

If you present your Hakuba Iwatake MTB PARK season pass, you can purchase a 1-day pass at 50% off. *Please contact each affiliated facility directly for details on opening dates and times.

Riding Lesson

We hold lessons for beginners and intermediate skiers every Saturday and Sunday. We aim to improve your level by teaching a curriculum tailored to your level for two hours. Trail fees are 3,000 yen for adults and 2,500 yen for children. For applications and inquiries, please call Alpenblick MTB Park (0255-86-2370).


We have a wide variety of courses available, including a flow trail that runs through the forest and an area where you can enjoy mountain carts, which is unique to ski resorts and is safe for beginners and children.

The Flow Trail
Difficulty: ★★★☆☆ (for beginners to advanced players)

Trail distance: Approx. 1.6km

A flow trail that runs through a larch forest. The trail branches out in a complex way, with different routes designed to suit different speeds. The difficulty level changes depending on the speed, making it a trail that can be enjoyed by beginners to intermediate and advanced riders.

90's Old School Trail

Difficulty: ★★★★☆ (Intermediate and above)

Trail distance: Approx. 2.0km

This downhill trail was created by dividing the grass and grass slopes that were popular in the 1990s with tape, but has been laid out to suit the current performance of MTBs. It is a nostalgic yet new trail with a series of thrilling camper corners that slide more the faster you go.


Difficulty: ★★★★☆ (Intermediate and above)

Trail distance: Approx. 0.5km


This high-speed single-track downhill trail was created by Alpenblick Resort team rider Tsukasa Saiki. It also features fallen trees and the famous road gap (1.6m high, 6m long). There are also escape routes in the harder sections.

Athletic Pump Trail

Difficulty: ★★★★☆ (Intermediate and above)

Trail distance: Approx. 0.7km

A slope style trail that combines athletic and pump track elements. Challenge yourself to push and pull across a minimum 25cm width road, single bridges, seesaws , logs, rock sections and drop-offs without pedaling.

Beginner Trail

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆ (for beginners)

Trail distance: Approx. 1.5km

The trail is designed so that even beginners can enjoy MTB riding with its bumpy roads and twisting trail. Enjoy a leisurely ride with the magnificent scenery that spreads out before you.

Skill Up Park

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Trail distance: Approx. 0.2km

An area with artificially created uneven bumps and other items. This is a safe and fun way to enjoy the most important and fundamental biking skills by using upper and lower body weighting and unweighting.

2024ALPEN BLICK MTB Park_TrailMap

①The Flow Trail

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆

Trail distance: Approx.1.6km


Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Trail distance:Approx.0.5km

⑤Beginner Trail

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆

Trail distance: Approx.1.5km

②90's Old School Trail

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Trail distance:Approx.2.0km

④Athletic Pump Trail

Difficulty: ★★★★☆

Trail distance: Approx.0.7km

⑥Skill Up Park

Difficulty: ★☆☆☆

Trail distance:Approx.0.2km


Fees are the same for all courses, and sales are available at the on-site reception desk.

3,900 yen
1,000 yen
3,500 yen
6,000 yen
2,400 yen

Adults : 12 years and over

Children : 11 years old and under

*One-day tickets are only valid on the day, while multi-day tickets can be used throughout the season.



Closed on Thursdays and Fridays from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. We may be closed due to races, events, private parties, and special openings during consecutive holidays. Please call to confirm the opening hours before visiting.

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