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Innovative Japanese Cuisine 暖 -DAN-

The rich natural environment of Myoko Kogen has produced a variety of mountain and marine delicacies, which are simply and to the fullest, accentuating the flavors of the ingredients themselves.

Myoko's rich nature as ingredients

Using seasonal ingredients, we entertain our guests with dishes that are full of seasonal flavor. Then, they will enjoy the passion that goes into each dish and the pure taste of the ingredients nurtured by the nature of Myoko Plateau. We convey our commitment to fresh ingredients and our sincerity to our customers by carefully preparing fresh, high quality ingredients and delivering them as they are.

Craftsmanship created by artisans

We offer our guests a unique world where tradition and innovation merge. Our cuisine, which is simple and maximized with the skill of a master chef, enhances the bounty of nature's bounty from the mountains and the sea, and allows you to experience the changing seasons through all five senses. We express the colors of the four seasons on our plates, and provide sincere hospitality with the warmth of handmade dishes and heartwarming flavors.

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Seasonal colors on a plate

Using seasonal ingredients from the Myoko Plateau, we treat our guests with dishes full of seasonal flavors.

Guests staying at HaneumaVillage808

Suite guests may use the restaurant for dinner and breakfast. Superior guests may use the restaurant for an additional charge of 12,000 yen.

Guests staying at Hotel Alpenblick

Available for an additional fee of 12,000 yen.

General Customers

You can enjoy dinner for 12,000 yen per person.
For reservationsHotel Alpenblick (0255-86-3180)Please contact us.

Usage time

Dinner: Either 18:00 or 19:00.
​Breakfast: Either 7:00 or 8:00.


*Prices shown include tax.
For inquiries, please contact Hotel Alpenblick ( 0255-86-3180 ).

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