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Alpen Brick Resort is an all-season resort located at the foot of Mt. Myoko.

This is one of the largest wide-run ski resorts in Japan, where you can enjoy the scenery woven by the rich nature.
There is a mountain bike park that can be enjoyed by beginners to advanced riders, and an open-air natural hot spring bath with water directly from the source to soothe your tired body.
The restaurant serves creative Japanese cuisine using local ingredients, and the hotel buffet has a wide selection of dishes, including original craft beer made with natural water from the snowy Myoko Highlands.
We look forward to welcoming you at Hotel Alpenblick and Haneuma Village 808.



Hotel Alpenblick

If you are tired of playing and want to take a rest, or if you just want to take your time looking around, Hotel Alpenblick is the place for you. We have a hot spring that will warm you to the core, a buffet with a wide variety of dishes, and many other enjoyable elements await you.

Haneuma Village 808

Haneuma Village 808_Suite

A new lodging experience in a trailer house.
We offer two types of rooms, Suite and Superior. Enjoy the extraordinary experience to your heart's content in a room with a beer server or in a sauna trailer.



Ikenotaira Onsen Alpine Bricks Ski Resort

The wide slopes, which are among the widest in the country, allow a wide range of people to enjoy safe and comfortable skiing. A snow park with a wide variety of items, a relatively gentle forest course, and a 4-km long cruise are also attractive.

ALPEN BLICK SPA (hot spring)


Myoko central crater field (elevation 1,800 m), the hot spring that gushes out from the South Hell Valley is a colorless, clear, simple hot spring containing sulfur content. The open-air baths are filled with black mud from the source, which is mixed with the hot spring's black mud.



Enjoy the flow trails and technical sections through the woods, as well as the grass slalom, mountain cart, and pump track parks that are safe and fun for beginners and children.

OUTDOOR HOT SPRING (hotel alpen blick)

Hotel Alpenblick open-air bath

The hotel's open-air bath is used 100% natural hot spring water. drawn from the source in Minami Jigokudani, Myoko Plateau. The rare black water mixed with black mud is effective for skin diseases, women's diseases, neuralgia, and rheumatism.

Our savors

Brewery Restaurant Tatra

Dinner Buffet

​The half-buffet at the Tatra hall(beer factory and resturant) is very popular with our guests. Enjoy a variety of dishes for dinner and Myoko Kogen Alpenblick beer brewed inside the hall.

Izakaya Tsugumi

Tsugumi's Big Catch

Mountain but seafood.
Sashimi and a la carte dishes using fresh seafood from the Sea of Japan, as well as juwari soba noodles and daily specials. We are also open for a special lunch.

Creative Japanese Cuisine
Resturant DAN

Creative Japanese Restaurant

The rich natural environment of Myoko Kogen has produced a variety of mountain and marine delicacies, which are simply and to the fullest, accentuating the flavors of the ingredients themselves.


Myoko Kogen Alpine Brick Beer

Made with high quality malt and pop and brewed with natural water from the deep snowy Myoko Kogen plateau, the unfiltered craft beer has a rich aroma and flavor, and is characterized by its refreshing and smooth taste.

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