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Lunch Specials

Copy of Zaru Soba Mini Tendon.png

Zaru soba and

mini bowl of rice topped with tempura set

Copy of Zaru Soba Mini Seafood Bowl.png

Saru soba and

mini bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Copy of Zaru Soba Nigiri.png

Zaru soba and Sushi

Copy of Zaru Soba Haneuma Rice.png

Zaru soba and sashimi

Copy of Zaru Soba Mini Tendon Sashimi.png

Zaru soba, mini bowl of rice topped with tempura,

and sashimi ¥1,980

Copy of Tenzaru Soba Mini Seafood Bowl.png

Tempura and Zaru soba and

mini bowl of rice topped with sashimi

Copy of Tenzaru Soba Nigiri Sushi.png

Tempura,Zaru soba

and sushi ¥1,980

Copy of Tenzaru Soba Haneuma Rice Sashimi.png

Tenzaru soba and sashimi

Weekday limited lunch ¥1,580
Large serving of soba plus ¥380
Large serving of udon plus ¥280

*Can be changed to 100% soba → plus ¥100
*Saru soba can be changed to [warm soba]
*Soba can be changed to [udon] → ¥100 discount


Fresh fish

Copy of Sashimi 4 points Mori.png

Assortment of 4 sashimi ¥1,280

Big catch.jpg

Sashimi large catch ¥1,680 *Photo shows 2 servings

In addition to the above, there are recommended menus on the whiteboard in the store.


Set meal

Yakiniku set meal.png

Pork yakiniku set meal ¥1,100

Katsu set meal.png

Thick-sliced pork cutlet set meal of low-temperature aged chilled pork ¥1,280


Bowl of rice topped with tempura ¥1,400

Fillet cheese cutlet set meal ¥860
Fried oyster set meal ¥1,100
Deep-fried young chicken set meal ¥1,100
Sashimi set meal ¥1,660
Vegetable tempura bowl ¥1,400
Curry rice ¥880
Cutlet curry rice ¥1,480

Rice ¥280
Small rice ¥180
Miso soup ¥180
Set meal set ¥400
Raw egg ¥80
Natto ¥100



Copy of Itawasa.png

Fish cake with wasabi ¥480

Copy of Green Onion Charshu Menma.png

Roasted pork and bamboo shoots Topped with green onion ¥680

Copy of fried soup stock.png

Deep-fried tofu in tempura dipping sauce ¥480

Tonkatsu copy.png

Low-temperature-aged chilled pork thick-sliced pork cutlet

Copy of fried chicken.png

Deep-fried young chicken ¥720 

Seafood salad copy.png

Seafood salad ¥780 

Cold tofu ¥320
Tea beans ¥520
Green onion menma ¥320
Green onion chashu ¥580
Kimchi ¥320
Pickles ¥580
Boiled Wiener ¥580
Deep-fried octopus ¥680
Fried chicken cartilage ¥580

French fries ¥580
French fries (half) ¥420
Fillet cheese cutlet ¥480
Pork Yakiniku ¥720
Fried oysters ¥720
Vegetable tempura platter ¥1,020
Tempura platter ¥1,020
Tofu salad ¥580


mini bowl

Mini char siu bowl.png

Mini char siu mayo aburi bowl
Set ¥480 (single item ¥580)

Mini curry.png

mini curry rice
Set ¥580 (single item ¥680)

Mini fatty salmon bowl set ¥580 (single item ¥680)
Mini char siu bowl set ¥420 (single item ¥520)


[Soba from Myoko 3:7]

Zaru soba ¥780
Tenzaru soba ¥1,380
Vegetable tempura soba ¥1,380
Bukkake tanuki soba ¥820
Bukkake grated yam soba ¥880


[100% Soba from Myoko]

Zaru soba ¥880
Tenzaru soba ¥1,480
Vegetable tempura soba ¥1,480
Bukkake tanuki soba ¥920
Bukkake grated yam soba ¥980

[Shinshu soba in a Hot Soup]

Kake soba ¥780
Tempura soba ¥1,380
Vegetable tempura soba ¥1,380
Tanuki soba ¥820
Meat soba ¥940

[cold Sanuki udon]

Zaru udon ¥680
Bukkake tanuki udon ¥720
Tenzaru udon ¥1,280
Vegetable tempura udon ¥1,280

[Sanuki udon in a hot soup]

Kake udon ¥680
Tempura udon ¥1,280
Vegetable tempura udon ¥1,280
Tanuki udon ¥720
Meat udon ¥840


Japanese soy sauce ¥780
Charshu men ¥1,080
Washushi Shio ¥780
Miso ¥880
Miso Charshu Men ¥1,180
Spicy miso ¥920
Spicy miso chashu men ¥1,220



●Myoko Kogen Alpen Brick Beer
Dark lager ¥580 each

Ichiban Shibori (medium fresh) ¥680     
Asahi Super Dry (large bottle) ¥780    
Sapporo Lager Beer (large bottle) ¥780

 Mt. Asahi    
Mt. Myoko (Joetsu)    
Ayu Masamune (Myoko) ¥480 each

Coke High    
Ginger balls ¥580 each

●Plum wine
 Soda discount    
                   ¥480 each

●Kirin Barrel Sour
 Green apple    
Neri plum ¥480 each

  With hot water    
 Oolong Hai    
 Green tea high    
Soda discount ¥480 each

●Shochu bottle
 Kyouzuki 25° 700ml ¥1,980 
Nikaido (Wheat) 25° 900ml   ¥2,780 
Nikaido (barley) 25° 1800ml ¥5,280 
 Kuro Kirishima (potato) 25° 900ml   ¥2,780 
Kurokirishima (potato) 25° 1800ml ¥5,280 

●Split items
 Lemon slices    
 Oolong tea    
 Green tea    
Carbonated water ¥320 each

 Non-alcoholic beer    
Non-alcoholic lemon sour ¥380 each

●Soft drink
Coca-Cola bottle    
 Ginger Ale Bottle    
Fanta Grape Bottle    
 HI-C Orange Bottle    
 Oolong tea    
Green tea ¥280 each
Coffee (hot/ice) ¥300

Soft serve ice cream ¥350


Alpen Brick Spa 1F

TEL:0255-86-5130 (Alpen Brick Spa day trip hot spring)

[Business hours] 11:00-23:00 (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)
​Last meal order 22:00 / Last drink order 22:30
However, depending on the customer's situation, we may close at 10pm.

*During the ski season, 15:00-23:30 (no regular holidays)
​Last meal order 22:30 / Last drink order 23:00

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