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Ski resort opening information

Thank you for your continued patronage of ALPEN BLICK Resort.


Sorry to have kept you waiting. Ikenotaira Onsen Alpenbrick Ski Resort will be open from Sunday, December 24th.



Shirakaba capsule pair lift 8:30-15:45

Karamatsu pair lift 8:30-16:00

Ikenotaira quad ift Saspension

Alpenbrick 1st pair lift 8:30-16:00

Alpenbrick 2nd pair lift 9:00-15:30



①Yamabato forest course Open

②Karamatsu course Open

③Wide long run Open

④Kayaba tree run course Close

⑤Lake view course Open

⑥Yamabato course Close

⑦Quad course Close

⑧Itadaki Close

⑨Yahoo course Close

⑩Quad tree run course Close

⑪Gouache tiner course Opne

⑫Side tree course Close

⑬Alpen dynamic Clsoe

⑭Happy ski slope Open

⑮Dream course Open 


Alpenblick snow park Close

Kids garden Close


Other lifts and courses may be available depending on future snow conditions.


Please note that there are still some areas where there is still not enough snow. Please check the course conditions carefully and be careful not to speed.


We look forward to your visit.



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