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Usage guide

【About time】

・Please register at the front desk of Hotel Alpenblick.

・Check-in                            15:00-21:00 *After 21:00If you wish to do so, please be sure to contact us in advance.

・Check out                           ~10:00

・Hotel public bath               15:00-10:00 (next morning)

・Hotel open-air bath            6:00-10:00 / 15:00-24:00

・Sauna business hours         ①15:00-16:30






・Hotel shop                          8:00-21:00

・Tatrakan dinner buffet        17:30-21:00 (last reception 19:00) *90 minutes all-you-can-eat

・Hotel breakfast buffet         Closed from 7:00 to 9:00

・Restaurant Dan (dinner)     Closed from 18:00 to 21:00 (last reception 19:30) *Limited to those staying in a suite or adding a special meal.

・Restaurant warm (breakfast) Closed from 7:00 to 9:00 (last reception 8:00) *Limited to those staying in a suite or adding a special meal.

*Please do not forget your room key as your meal ticket for both breakfast and dinner venues.


【About parking lot】

・Cars cannot be parked in the trailer house area during the winter.

・Please park your car at Alpenblick Parking Lot 1 or 2.

・Parking unrelated to this facility is strictly prohibited.

・This facility is not responsible for any accidents or troubles that occur within the facility.


【About the guest rooms】

・Nightwear for use in the guest room will be given to you at check-in.

・Only for adults staying in suites, down tanzen is provided in the room.

・You can use the beverages provided.

                   1. Superior stay...

                   Free: Water (500ml x for each person), beer (5L server)

                   *The capsule coffee and tea machine provided in the suite is free of charge.

                   Charges: Tea (500ml x 4 bottles), beer (6 types of Alpenbrick beer), wine, and soft drinks.

                   Can be added from a tablet.

                   *Paid items will be paid at check-out.

                   2.Superior stay...

                   Free: Water (500ml x for each person), 1 type of Alpenbrick beer, tea/tea pack

・If you would like to rent snowshoes, down jackets, umbrellas, or add amenities, please contact us using the tablet provided in your room.

・Please store skis and snowboards as follows.

                   1.Superior stay...The suite building has ski and board racks on the wooden deck.

                   2. Superior stay...Please use the hotel drying room. (Locked from 7:00 to 21:00)

・If you are staying for 2 nights or more and wish to have your room cleaned or exchanged amenities, please contact us using the tablet in your room or at the front desk.


【About hotel facilities and equipment】

・When going to the public bath or open-air bath, please be aware of the following points.

                  1. Superior stay...
                  Face towels and bath towels can be rented at the front desk.                    

                  2.Superior stay...
                  Please bring your own face and bath towels for the room.

・To use the sauna, karaoke, billiards, and table tennis (summer only), please make a reservation using your tablet.

・Sauna usage is limited to 90 minutes, and fees are as follows.

                  6,000 yen per person

                  2 people 9,000 yen

                  3 people 12,000 yen

                  4 people 15,000 yen

*For reservations, please contact us at the front desk or tablet.

・We offer free rental of board games. The number of seats is limited, so if you are interested, please make a reservation using your tablet.


【About pets】

Only dogs are allowed.

As a general rule, only one small dog is allowed; if you wish to bring more than one dog, please contact us in advance.

Owners are responsible for accompanying their pets by following the rules and etiquette below.

・Please wear a leash at all times.

・Only dogs that have received rabies shots and mixed vaccinations and are well-trained are allowed.

・Please be careful not to bark.

・We do not allow animals that may cause fear to others (such as fighting dogs).

・Please do not leave your pet alone.

・Owners are responsible for disposing of excrement.

・This facility is not responsible for any accidents or troubles that occur within the facility.

【Payment method】

We accept cash, credit card, and electronic money payments.


【Prohibited matter】

If you do not comply with the following matters, you may be refused use of this facility. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

・Acts that violate laws and public order and morals.

・Smoking outside of designated areas (including electronic cigarettes).

・Disturbing behavior that involves excessive sound, including loud voices, or emitting lights, etc.

・Acts that damage trees or the surrounding natural environment.

・Excessive collection of plants.

・Entry of customers other than those with reservations.

・Other acts that are deemed to impede the safe operation of this facility.



【Regarding refusal of use】

In addition, if any of the following apply to you, we will immediately refuse your use of this facility.

・If behavior that causes trouble to other customers is observed.

・If an act that violates the law or public order and morals is observed.

・If there were any inconveniences in past use.

・Use by anti-social forces such as organized crime groups.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alpenblick Hotel front desk (0255-86-3180).

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